palmeral, Palais Namaskar, Marrakech



Originally, Marrakech was a palmeral.

In the Northwest area of Marrakech palm grove it extends part of that still remains.

Some 6,000 hectares of palm trees planted by the Almoravids in the eleventh century.

If we walked through the palm grove only we see an immense succession of palm trees (over 100,000).

A winding asphalt road will give a sense to the path. It goes through palm trees and high walls.

The neighbors are hidden behind those walls. Your neighborhood is invisible to mortal eyes.

Is the last frontier between millionaires Marrakech Moroccan and foreign vying for having the most luxurious mansion among the most luxurious in the world.


Tickets to your mansions only reveal the surveillance and security cameras rotating.

Beverly Hills is particularly Marrakech: millionaires, mansions with biggest gardens and super exclusive parties.

Its neighbors are kings and princes of the Arab world, Hollywood actors like Madonna, the Jolie … politicians like Clinton ….all for the “beautiful people”.


If the contrast of the medina with the new city is extraordinary in terms of its essence, Palm Grove is gilding the lily.


If in the area of Hivernage could enjoy a cool and exclusive atmosphere, the palm is the ne plus ultra of exclusivity. It is closed to uninvited area.


The only thing we can do in the palm grove is a snack in some extra-fancy hotel like Namaskar Palace, more than anything admire its incredible decor,

to play golf at any of its various fields or if we have children, give them a little walk in quad (45 € / 3h) or camel (25 € / 2h) …


It can be visited by taxi or horse-drawn carriage from the Jmaa Lfnaa square, in a pleasant walk of about 2 hours for about 200-250 dirhams (20-25 €)

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