Ives Saint Laurent museum of Marrakech. Mandatory visit.

museo Ives Saint Laurent en Marrakech

Ives Saint Laurent museum of Marrakech. Mandatory visit.

Saint Laurent Museum of Marrakech.

A mandatory visit.

A few months ago, the expected Ives Saint Laurent museum in Marrakech opened its doors.

4,000 square meters dedicated to the French designer in the city that inspired him. It is located next to the Majorelle Gardens, created in the 20s by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. In the eighties, the couple Bergé-Saint Laurent bought the garden restoring it and increasing the number of plant species.

The Museum has a permanent exhibition hall where they can be dressed in different collections.

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marrakech organizes temporary exhibitions and has a photographic art gallery where different authors who worked with Yves Saint Laurent will have the opportunity to present their work every year.

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum also has a library open to researchers and scholars of Moroccan fashion, design and art.

It can be visited every day except Wednesday.

Entrance: 100 dirhams.

More info on the web www.museeyslmarrakech.com


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