Moroccan greetings, Did you know about?

Arabic greetings: Did you know? By Riad Aguaviva

Moroccan greetings, Did you know about?

Moroccan greetings

Moroccan greetings: Did you know about?

Both in Morocco and in the Arab world a guest will always be welcome, even if it comes from a person who is hardly known, occasionally also invited him to dinner.

In greeting the Moroccans are more formal in social situations than most Westerners.Often ask for the health and welfare of all family members.

Always salute with the right hand as the left is traditionally considered impure. Kissing on the cheeks practice among members of the same sex, especially if they are friends, but not be performed between opposing unless the other person is well known sexes.

Also, the lunch a man who is not from this country will be amazed at the abundance and therefore will not be rude to leave food on the plate. And when the visitor is invited to a dinner in a Moroccan family should wash their hands and should not try one bite without first hearing the sentence will the owner of the house. Another important point is that customs have to remove your shoes when entering a home.

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