LIMONI RESTAURANT, Moroccan and Italian food

I Limoni restaurant in Marrakech. Italian and Moroccan food

LIMONI RESTAURANT, Moroccan and Italian food

LIMONI RESTAURANT , Italian and Morocccan food North medina


Limoni is a restaurant in the medina of Marrakech that offers a shaded patio and terrace, where guests can enjoy traditional cuisine such as fish and meat dishes or sandwiches. The atmosphere is nice with subtle music and modern decor (by)
Limoni restaurant is a quaint, hip Italian restaurant in the heart of Marrakesh. If you’ve grown wary of tagines after an extended holiday, make reservations at this modern eatery. They have outdoor seating in their courtyard but the outside is charmingly decorated with western artistic posters. Quite a walk off of the beaten path, if you’d like to dine here, be sure to get directions or a map from your hotel staff to save you some time.
RIAD AGUAVIVA recommends you, one visit, at least.  Well decorated, quiet and a perfect atmosphere. Located near Riad Aguaviva.
“Lovely restaurant inside, very calm. Staff spoke excellent English. Good variety on the menu. I had camel burger which was very tasty!
It’s not at the cheaper end of meals out in Marrakech but we were happy to pay more for a very pleasant and calm experience. Wouldn’t have a clue how to get there again though… we were shown by a local and gave him a worthy 20 MDH tip!”

“My partner and I came to I Limoni for our last night in Marrakesh and we were not disappointed. Great food, beautiful location, friendly and welcoming staff. We were very happy and wished we could go again”.  November 2015





40, Dyour Saboun bab taghzout, 40000 Marrakesh. Morocco

Phone: 212-5 24 38 30 30

I Limoni restaurant. Moroccan and Italian food in Marrakech.

I Limoni restaurant. Moroccan and Italian food in Marrakech.

GPS: N31° 38′ 7.64699″ W7° 59′ 20.47723″   (31.6354574974, -7.98902145339)
Good for: Breakfast/Brunch, Late Night, Outdoor Seating, Reservations
Cuisine:Italian, Moroccan

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