LE COMPTOIR DARNA mechoui and belly dancing

Le Comptoir Darna Marrakech, restaurant

LE COMPTOIR DARNA mechoui and belly dancing

LE COMPTOIR DARNA. Best Nighlife in Marrakech.

Le Comptoir Darna  offers traditional Moroccan cuisine as well as dishes ” world cuisine ” inspired and original.

A subtle blend of sweet salty , refinement and simplicity. Eclectic and inventive culinary spirit of compositions combining tradition and modernity. 

Riad Aguaviva recommends taste the “mechoui“, the best dish in the Moroccan cuisine . One dish por 2 people.

After Le Comptoir, you can go to drink in Lotus CLUB,  front Le Comptoir.


“If you want to spend a funny night but also eating a really high quality Moroccan and international food, this is your place. We really enjoy the dinner for many things, live traditional music, dance shows and the food, which is really tasty and abundant!!! All the dishes we tried were very good, we recommend over all the Chicken and Almond Pastilla and the Tanjia Marrakchia. This last one is not easy to find in many restaurants, so we were very happy to try this here, because it was amazing! And if you want to enjoy something more than the dinner you can begin the evening with a cocktail and finishing going up to the club to try a hookah and more drinks, as we did. Upstairs, we saw a band playing a kind of oriental reggae with big drums and after we enjoyed a lot the DJ music which was also fusion between dance with oriental and Arabic touch. The service was always very attentive and careful and also the environment and atmosphere was very good, so we recommend this place for having a wonderful night in Marrakech”.

Open every evening from 20:00 to 01:00.


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