Dar Cherifa and Dar Bellarj

Dar Cherifa and Dar Bellarj





We will visit two unique spaces that you can not miss on your visit to the medina of Marrakech: Dar Cherifa and Dar Bellarj

In the interior you will find lost jewels true if you look is art, style, design and architectural harmony.


Remember … not all walk around all day in the souks. All this in Marrakech behind a door ….




In the Medina of Marrakech, after a long, narrow cul de sac, it is this jewel of the sixteenth century still standing. Passing through the old and humble door we found this hidden paradise.

His sculpted plaster and carved wood take us to the best Moorish art of Saadi Dynasty.   Its refined decoration is inspired by the Ben Youssef Madrasa.

Now is a literary cafe where you can relax sipping tea with mint on a rustic terrace or enjoy a typical tagine in its harmonious courtyard.




At the epicenter of the medina of Marrakesh, next to Ben Youssef Madrasa found a small golden door with a stork as an emblem, hence its name Dar Bellarj, House of storks.

This was the first veterinary hospital in the islamic world, for animals, in particular, here, for storks.

In 1930 it was closed as a hospital and for 30 years was used as elementary school. .

In 1998 this private foundation was inaugurated as we know it today. Its founders are Max Alioth, architect and interior designer Susanna Biedermann.

Its magnificent space is articulated around a central patio of 200 square meters surrounded by four rooms


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