AL FASSIA RESTAURANT, High Moroccan Gastronomy

picture of AL FASSIA RESTAURANT team, Marrakech

AL FASSIA RESTAURANT, High Moroccan Gastronomy

AL FASSIA, high Moroccan cuisine in Marrakech.

If you ask for a high quality restaurant in Marrakech it is Al Fassia Gueliz

It is entirely run by women with her traditional cuisine is the finest in the city.

While other similar restaurants, Al Fassia is not expensive. You can dinner for 30-40 €.

Ask you with the chef for take the best suggestion. Their menu is extensive and many starters.

The decor is not flashy but very correct. The space is large, with a small courtyard inside.

Normally this “full” and should be reserved.

Riad Aguaviva recommend you visit Al Fassia!!



This is probably my favorite restaurant in Marrakech. And that is saying a lot, as this town has a lot of great food.

We ordered the traditional Moroccan salad selection. Most places this is 6, maybe 8 or 10 items. But at Al Fassia, it is 16 or 20! Your table is filled. You CANNOT miss ordering this off the menu, as it sets the stage for a very traditional and excellent meal.
Although the many tagines sounded inviting, the server recommended we have the lamb shoulder for 2. We usually avoid lamb, as she “doesn’t like to eat baby animals.” Second, dishes for 2 are always too much food. But an exception was made for this special recommendation – and we both could not believe this lamb. This is THE WAY to have Moroccan lamb, and is NOT TO BE MISSED. I cannot say enough good about the dish.

All the servers in Al Fassia restaurant are women, and dressed in Muslim garb. I am sure there is a good reason, although I have no idea what it is. It was fascinating, but of no significance as the service was impeccable. Yet, fascinating.

The servers all helped each other on multiple tables, so you were never without service. Very, very well done. However, English was spotty. So it was a bit of my best French and lots of hand gesturing that we ordered drinks (which were spot-on), help to order a very nice bottle of Moroccan wine, and our meal.

We started with an American gimlet – they had no idea what this was. I described a gin martini with lime juice – and they nailed it! I had a pair of Ricard over ice (Ricard is eerywhere, as this was once a French holding.) And the Moroccan Pinot Noir was perfect with the lamb.

This entire meal – prepared and served perfectly – with tax and tip – for $109. (10MAD to the US$). We could not begin to eat it all – so much food.

DO NOT MISS Al Fassia Restaurant in Marrakech”.

  • ADRESS: 55 Bvd Zerktouni, Gueliz
  • phone: 00212 24 43 40 60 next Les Negociants Coffee and Av. Mohamed V.



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