The ancient fortified city of Essaouira, also known as the former Mogador, on the coast, 176 kilometers west, with its gentle pace and cool breeze, calm the senses.
The origin of the city is in the eighteenth century when the sultan decided to settle there, and hired architect Théodore Cornut French to create a city off the Mogador Islands.
The combination of Moroccan and European styles pleased the sultan, who renamed the city as Essaouira “the well designed.”

Essaouira port was a vital link between Europe and Timbuktu trader, until the French in 1912 diverted trade with other cities.


Since Orson Welles filmed there “Othello“, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles visited the city and hippies chose it as residence grown its reputation internationally.
It has lately been the series Game of Thrones who has given more international relevance if possible. For years it is a place to visit for any lover of windsurfing as it is “the African city of wind”.

Riad Aguaviva recommend, if you have time, a visit to Essaouira.
Riad pickup at 8:30 to Essaouira, Unesco World Heritage in 2001.
The route is a straight line through a steppe landscape line.
argan plantations may be seen as we get closer to Essaouira (2h, 30m drive approximately).
Once there, you will have free time to visit this historic medina, its harbor, stroll along the beach and enjoy delicious fresh fish.
Arrival to Marrakech around 19:00.




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