Riad Aguaviva, Marrakech. Rose petals at the pool.
Painted by David Minguillon in Riad Aguaviva, Marrakech
Riad Aguaviva, Marrakech. Mint tea at the salon.
Riad Aguaviva picture. Archs
Riad Aguaviva patio. Sky. Riad Hotel in Marrakech medina.
Antinoo statue at the patio. Riad Aguaviva, Marrakech

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Our location image. Riad Aguaviva. Marrakech

Relaxed area
Good connected area: bus/taxi
Parking at 200 mt.
Easy to Acces
Our team image. Riad Aguaviva, Marrakech.

Know “Aguaviva Experience”
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Suggestions every day
Restaurants´ booking, hammam/spa…
Alternative visits
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The best local places
Beyond the Big Square
Tradition and modernity



  • Riad Aguaviva  hotel boutique is in the North of the Medina.
  • In a traditional and quite area: Bab El Khemis
  • Where A. Hitchcock filmed “The man who knew too much”
  • 200 m. from  Sidi Ben Abbas Mausoleum.
  • 10 minutes from the Madrasa Ben Youssef
  • 20 minutes’ walk from Jemaa El-Fnaa square.



  • Manel Moncusi & David Minguillon (from Barcelona) have restored this riad according to the traditional architecture.
  • Hotel boutique opened to the public in 2008.
  • Aguaviva is not only a Riad, but  a new housing concept as well.
  • Aguaviva is a team of coolhunters who also know in depth Marrakech. 
  • We propose you to live Marrakech in its different aspect: luxury & tradition.




  • A cultural approach to understanding how a medina works.
  • We suggest alternative routes unknown for most tourists, like the ones mostly local people uses.
  • Beyong the topicals.


  • Know the most sophisticated, incredible and hidden places.
  • Marrakech & Luxury
  • Marrakech & Decoration

The definitive guide to discover Marrakech. By Riad Aguaviva, boutique hotel.

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